hl2 dog npc

im just wondering if the dog npc has any animations besides running away from striders.

Lots, like ripping a living strider into shreds.

animations aplenty

Yeah, it’s just that the NPC sucks.


Without scripted sequences*

i spawned it right next to the strider but it just ran away… :frowning:

Maybe because the strider is the bully…

Because DOG doesn’t have an attack AI, that was a scripted sequence, the strider being ripped to shreds.

so is there a way to get more AI scripts? also if i come across and download one where do i put it?

all mods are made ready to put in the addons folder (mostly)

i need help, i need a couple of ragdolls made from art work done by my sister. i’ll make sure that the art work will be as clear as posible. if any one is intrested please e-mail at tripprules@yahoo.com.