HL2 EP:1, EP:2 NPCs not on spawn menu

Hi, I’ve had garrys mod for a long time now and during that time I’ve acquired games like HL2, EP1, EP2, portal, etc.

I thought everything was supposed to be there if you had the game? My issue is that, NPC’s like the strider or the combine with red eyes, do not appear in the NPC spawn menu. I checked the garrysmod options and made sure that those games were checked.

For some reason the hunter is there and spawn able. My friend has every half life game and he can spawn the strider and other ones that I can’t. He doesn’t know why I can’t either.

I have wiremod and half life Renaissance. The only 2 add ons I ever installed. I also tried googling this question but couldn’t find anything.

The strider model can be seen and is not checkered or a giant red ERROR sign.

If this question has been asked before, can you please post the link to the thread? If there are any other additional details needed, I can post them. Thanks for reading, I hope I get the help needed.

big npcs were never directly spawnable from the menu

skullbreakers are simply normal combines with a different skin

you can manually set it on with ent_fire !picker skin 1


But then how did my friend spawn a strider?

You know what, never mind. Thanks for reading my post anyway.

i know EXACTLY what is wrong.
open up your gmod and click on gmod settings.
click every box for every game you have.
when you are done close your gmod.
open it back up.
it should have restarted and uploaded the models and everything else to your gmod.

Well like I said, I already have that checked. I guess mine is just messed up?

Strider is in an NPC pack I believe.

Although, there might be a console command for spawning it.

Maybe npc_create npc_strider?

it is probably something like that

No, you’ll need to noclip up fairly high. About Strider height, then use give npc_strider, else it’ll be stuck halfway in the ground, or not appear at all.

Just go to www.garrysmod.org and get an npc pack.I prefer the Extra Npc’s pack.