HL2 Ep 2 won't mount

My halflife 2 episode 2 won’t mount to Gmod… I know its a source because about 5 of the maps I’ve downloaded require it. Can someone please tell me what Im doing wrong? I have checked the box in gmod and restarted gmod but its still showing me the “pink and black” floors and the messed up skybox.

Lastly, Don’t hesitate to tell me that Im retarded because the answer is right in front of my nose… as long as you give the solution right after it. Thanks.

Maybe the maps you’re downloading need content other than the Ep2 stuff? Like custom content?

If they did then they didn’t say anything about it :\

What maps are you downloading?

Also, go into gm_construct and try to spawn a hunter NPC. It will work if it’s mounted properly.

Well I just read some comments on one of the maps I used and they said it was Cs:s so that explains that map. And I’ll try that. If it works, thanks. If not Well, Thanks for trying.

And I can’t remember the map names by heart, but one of them was gm_Reaction. I was told it required ep 2.

It says on the download page that it requires custom textures. My guess is that you’re just installing maps wrong.