HL2 Ep 3 ideas

zombreen and his new recruits

HeadCharple :

What used to be a corpse that haunted Ravenholm, Headcrabs attack their head in attempt to revive what was burned remains of them.

Zom-metro: It’s a zombie metro

Zombie Grigory:

Grigory is a headcrab now.

Poison Zombine.
He poisons you when he hits you

Zombie Elite:

Zombine that’s an elite

Zombreen: the leader of the new recruits


Zombie metro cop.

I just created this :smiley:

I don’t think that would work.

I was bored

Never use gm_bigcity, posing isn’t good, post processing, along with a higher resolution is your friend.

I wasn’t gonna post a background. But I sure as hell wasn’t gonna use construct so big_city was my only option.

I was just showing the zombies not an eerie background

If you are gonna post unlikely zombies, at least pose their arms, we are not suspended by invisible ropes in the sky.

Yeah… this is getting a box.