HL2 EP1 Core Issues

I want to use the Citadel Core effect that is used in Half Life 2 Episode 1 for an entity I am creating for a gamemode. The problem with using the effect, is that its visual effects is locked to it being placed at a specific point in the map

This is it at the same co-ordinates it would be in HL2EP1, but on gm_fork


This is it when I have moved it from those co-ordinates on the same map

I was hoping if there was some trickery I could do with the vmts and vtfs to get this to work in any location.

The core effect is actually hard-coded, so I guess it’ll be hard for you to re-code it.
But I can’t say anything that may help you on this case.

Are there any coordinates at all in the VMT?

No numbers for them at all.

Copy the pcf and edit it so make it origin at 0,0,0 no idea why valve would do that, they might have they reasons

The only particles in Episode 1’s only pcf file are the vortexes from the bridge scene, unless the particles folder isn’t the only place where pcf’s are?

Some particles may be packaged into the .vpk file which you can open with GCFScape (the .vpk files are in the main directory of the game – you have to open the dir.vpk one not the numbered ones).
Also, Any chance you could provide the .vmt for it?
There’s a possibility it uses another material as a base which (may) be map specific? (Something like an env
* property idk)

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After some more research it seems like they COULD be hard-coded with control points: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Set_Control_Point_Positions#Set_Control_Point_Positions

I actually got the pcf file from the .vpk file because there wasn’t any outside of it.
Here are the VTFs and VMTs for it

Yeah the position is hardcoded in the “Core” shader to “2688.0f, 12139.0f, 5170.0f”, nothing you can do about it I am afraid.

Such a shame. Why did Valve do this?

No one’s know, maybe because they wanted to control core shader side and effect via material parameters than a simple entity