[HL2:EP2] ColdSteel

Cold Steel is a map HoliestCow and I created for the Facepunch singleplayer map contest. We started it October first and just recently finished it.

The idea for this map is that you’re part of an Elite Combine task force, sent to the Arctic to recapture a refinery, that was taken by the resistance; inside the refinery is a Combine Base. Your job is to get in and turn off the security to allow the main Combine army to enter.

Credits :

HoliestCow for Mapping.
Az for custom textures and models - Plus the displacements.

Play Testers :

Special Thanks :
To Modman for creating us a custom music piece. (www.soundcloud.com/modman)
To Firegod522 for his great skybox.

Also, big thanks to Interlopers, Facepunch and Mapcore for helping me make this map.

Links :

NOTE - If the Combine dropship in the beginning refuses to land or unload the soldiers, reload the map.

Edit: updated the DL link with a fixed bsp

I’ve downloaded your map, but its missing a lot of textures, maybe you have forgot to add them :\

Heres whats happened:


Sorry, for some reason the cubemaps were not included in the .bsp, it should be fixed now. Sorry again.

Just played it, it was a fun, short map. It had good design and everything, but it seemed really quiet all the time. There was only one or two songs and from what I could tell almost no soundscapes or ambient sounds. Either way I really enjoyed it!

What kind of building is that? On the front entrance, it states that its a mine, but it looks more like a depot according to those containers inside

I played it

cool map and stuff

I played it and it was pretty awesome. Obviously it was a little short but I honestly think it could be quite a bit longer (and better) if all of the map was properly used.

What I mean by that is:

  1. The first long corridor is just begging for a opening shootout. This could have been a nicer way to “get rid” of your combine companions than just leaving them out in the snow.

The first big room:

  • The rebels firing from the catwalk are nice, keep them.
  • Add rebels on the staircase to make the area more than just eye candy.
  • Make a few rebels shoot you when you turn the first valve (make them spawn in the other control room.)
  • Finally, when you turn both valves make the door open automatically and have a few rebels enter the room.

Second big room:
A lot of potential here.

I would, personally, give the player a crossbow (or ar2) and place rebels on top of the containers for some vertical shooting action.
More rebels guarding the control room and maybe a few hidden weapons?

And finally the most important thing:

In open areas such as these NEVER EVER give the player a lot of smg1 grenades. I finished every fight in the entire level in a few seconds by firing one carefully placed smg1 grenade per group of rebels.

we had a 4th area just after opening that huge door on the side of the container room, but we felt the quality of that room didn’t match the rest of the map, and we had a problem that we didn’t have time to fix so we decided to cut that part out since the contest was supposed to end 2 days ago. We’ll probably release a version with that 4th room and improvement of the rest later. Thanks for the CC.