HL2:EP2 Content

Hey, today I noticed that on garrysmod.com the new evocity is out! YAY! But the only problem is i says I need hl2ep2, which i do not have. So, i was wondering if there is any way to get the hl2ep2 textures into gmod without purchasing it.


No, you have to buy Ep2 in order to get the content.

It would be illegal to acquire it any other way.

I always get a engine hunk overload error or something.
What do I do? D: I can’t play on it.

Read the Opening post on the evocity thread.

You would want to buy half life not get illegal version in most cases they would be virus galore you can buy the orange box for like 40 dollars it’s not expensive for the games that it has

Actually, its only $30. It’s probably the best gaming deal you’ll find ever. :smiley:

Until the Orange Box 2 comes out with Ep3, Portal 2 and Counter-Strike 2

…Right? :ohdear:

counter strike 2???

ive heard of cs 1.6, source and condition zero, but heres no cs1
also, i dont thing there will be a portal 2, ep3 might explain the whole shit because the player is confused as shit in portal. or, like, in ep3 if gordon meets chell, in portal 2, it would be the same story, but in the eyes of chell,

but ok lets get back to the thread.

nope mister. ye gota get ep2, by BUYING IT!

Counter Strike: Source 2 was confirmed a long time ago.

I think the recent Portal updates say there is.

Episode 3 , Portal 2 , and Counter strike 2 will be on the Blue Box
Orange portal: Orange box
Blue portal: Blue box

Holy Shit I never thought of that but what about the Black Box it had Hl2 Portal and TF2

The Black Box was only a concept before they came up with the idea of owners of the game being able to gift the spare copies of HL2 and Ep1. It was never actually released.

Gordon does NOT meet chell in portal 2 because I have a subscription to a game magazine and on the front cover it said PORTAL 2 and I looked inside until I found that part and it says that Chell will stay INSIDE for now in APERATURE LABS (It’s destroyed when you kill bitchvoice) and BITCHVOICE comes back even more annoying than EVER.

You sound even more annoying than bitchvoice

Boy, are you stupid or something?

I hope he isn’t.