hl2 ep2 .fgd, yo?

Mr. White, where is the halflife2ep2 .fgd yo? I looked like, all over this joint and I couldn’t find the bitch, yo.

FGDs have been replaced by vpk files. you’ll find them in your /ep2/ folder(the main folder with the episode two files in it). You’ll want to open the “whateverthefuck”_dir.vpk folder with GCFScape.

no they aren’t dummy, they’re in steam/steamapps/common/half-life 2/bin

oh my god, I feel so dumb. I confused FGD with GCF. Wow.

I looked in there but I can only find the FGD for halflife2, not the ep2 content. I NEED PINE TREES DAMN YOU!

oh you’re looking for the episode 2 MODELS? well why didn’t you say so…

the vpks are in steam/steamapps/common/half-life 2/ep2 simply open pak01_dir.vpk with gcfscape.


fgd does not contain any model data whatsoever in case you didn’t know.

Oh so a .FDG is an entity file and .VPK are models and textures? o:

fgd defines entities that you can place in hammer, and a vpk stores models and materials and whatever else you decide to store in it.

Wow, I was pretty right for being wrong… Weird. :pwn:

Homie, I opened it with gcfscape and the file was empty. Are you giving me fake blue stuff?!

You have to open the *_dir.vpk files to view the files.