Hl2 EP2: Mines Map *REQUEST*

I allways wanted a underground map like hl2 ep2 mines if you have played it. It would be a good rp/scenic map
If some one does it it would be cool.

I know Hazrd24 was working on a map like that. He stopped working on it but released the vmf here:


that’d be terrible for rp

Not if made good enough.
rebel communities :v:

I can try to finish the map if anyone wants, but I can’t guarantee I’ll finish it, or it will be up to standards.

Thanks, Ive tryed installing it without if finished… If you get it finished give me a message

It’s a vmf. There’s 2 ways I can go about this, A: fix it as necessary and compile B: redo the displacements becuz they are pretty bad, fix some stuff and compile.

Ive tryed but its still a vmf and it wont load
I am not the best at mapping in hammer editor its complex
i hope im not asking for too mutch but, Could you compile it and put a dl link?

Use those rock models I sent you

The fucking gigantic ones.

You know what they say about guys with big rocks.

we’re not banging rocks together here, we know how to use science stuff to import rocks from another dimension into our world, then blow it away again.

-insert rock and hard place joke here-