Hl2 ep2 Purple and black

In some maps theres purple and blacks squares some ppl tell me i need hl2 ep2 map material n stuff is there a way to get that stuff without buying it?

No, because that’s illegal.

is your ep2 downloaded fully?

He doesn’t have Episode 2. He’s asking for Warez.

Someone close this and ban him.

ok :stuck_out_tongue: i guesse ill ask the admin to change the map

well sorry i didnt no getting map materials from a game is illegal -_-

well if you didn’t know you must be a big dumbass.

Ok I’m sorry but why did you have to be a complete jerk to him? Do you know him? No. Do you need to know him? Again no. “If you do not have anything nice to say, do not say anything at all”

Hoboking what is your steam?

of course i was being a complete jerk. hes being very stupid, its ridiculous how he asks for warez and says he did not know. i don’t want to or have to know him, the fact that a HUGE amount of players, even newbies know that its illegal to do such things as this.

It doesn’t give you the right to be disrespectful.

It isn’t that obvious.

thats life, don’t like it? theres always some ropes around the basement.

You being a ass to some random person over the internet show that you obviously have no life. Now lets stop the flaming kids.

If I were to have no life, I wouldn’t be alive. And I am speaking the truth. You can’t handle the internets. Also, Why did you bump this pointless thread, if you want the flaming to stop? Its as if your simply asking for it.

i really wouldn’t respond to this but,really? that’s your comeback? Faceplam

That is not a comeback. It wasn’t supposed to be.

whatever it was it was silly

your opinion is something i wouldn’t care about

didn’t say you had to

@SonicHitman: That was a stupid come back (Dont say it wasnt a come back). And why the hell should it matter? Your just being a ass! We dont need flamers and we never will.

@Massive Duece: I agree with everything you say XD

Now lets not have any more flaming and just let this thread die. Please do not post