[HL2: EP2 - SinglePlayer Map Competition Entry] Total Erase

Guys, this is my part of the idea that me and stiffy had… sadly that he can’t finish his part.
My optimization is not that good, but I think its fine xD

Combines invaded a weapon research lab inside a moutain in the middle of the artic looking for new tech weapons, evacuation of its workers was fast, they cleaned up everything, some evidence was left inside the labs.

You’re Gordon Freeman, and must do a Total Erase in the servers of this laboratories. You will have to take a breath when the music start here:



Missing crate gibs:



**1. Drop the .bsp file into your ep2 maps folder.
2. Open the Custom Content folder and drop the folders Materials, Models and Maps into your ep2 directory

  1. Drop the models folder of the crate fix in you ep2 directory

Hope you like it !

Looks neat, I’ll give it a try!

[editline]asdf[/editline] It was pretty good! You need to work on texture alignment, especially in the beginning of the map. All of the action was in one sequence, it wasn’t spread out anywhere else. You placed health items around as if you were going to encounter more enemies, which you don’t. Also, the crates from Black Mesa don’t gib, they just disappear when you shoot them. All of that aside, it was pretty good!

For some reason, VIDE don’t show the gibs as a used model, but here’s a fix for it:

http://filesmelt.com/dl/CratesGibs_TotalErasefix.rar (just extract the models folder into your ep2 directory)

The first part (ducts) was made in a run, for weld this map with the another part… but I’m planning in continue this map, improving it’s performance and storyline.

Well, the health items were placed there for you after the main battle, considering that you had lost HP killing those combines, there’s another mini-fight on the stairs, heading to the maintenance area.

If you explore the lab rooms you will find some secrets and items !

Thank you !