[HL2:EP2] Unnamed Competition Entry

I already sent out my stuff to the judges but since everyone is making threads I guess I will make one too.


Fixed DL with added skybox: http://rapidshare.com/files/3800949163/entry2.zip

.vmf http://rapidshare.com/files/3524856542/entryVMF.zip (Does NOT contain custom textures.)

Holy shit, that last pic looks amazing.

Downloading, I’ll post a detailed review later.

Alright, I just played through, and it’s really nice!
The overall atmosphere is wonderful, I love the skybox, the setting and the details.
The map was really wonderful, I loved the buildings, the layout and the style of everything, it seemed nearly real.
The gameplay was also nice, but missed a bit of direction. When I started, I struggled a bit to find the sewer entrance, and the metrocops were a bit misleading, I thought they’d shoot me as soon as I walked past, and they never took notice of me, even when I jumped on their heads, the “move back!” from the trainstation levels in HL2 would’ve fit nicely here.
The mission introduction was implemented nicely, I loved the action sequences and the final fight.

It was a nice experience, and I’d love to see your entry in the top three!

Your map is pretty looking. :slight_smile:

I promised to release the vmf. So if anyone is still interested I added a link to the OP.

-snip- nevermind
It’s a great looking map, man. Good job on it