HL2 Episode 1 and 2 maps in GMod

there a lot of bugs in those two episodes is there a fix for them?

Whaaat? GMod handles HL2, EP1 and EP2 maps perfectly, what do you mean?

ep1 first map dog is buged doesnt moove to the pc/screen or what ever when eli talk to alyx

and then dog doesnt lift up that spaceship

and alyx doesnt enter the car and dog doesnt throw the car in the cidadel

ep2: you cant pick up the stuff with E when needed

hunter part is buged only 1 hunter appear and the other are somewhere buged and boom 1 more map that is fucked up

edit: 1 more bug in ep2

when the atlions should atack you in the underground they dont come because the other ne dont tell you how it works

It’s because they are missing the required scenes, GMod doesn’t seem to mount them all, or use them all. Probably because Alyx has two models, one for HL2 (the one you use, and always see), and the modified ones for Ep2.

is there a way to get thosse missing scenes?

Copy them from the Episode 1 and 2 .gcf, even then I don’t think that fixes them fully.

you mean cfg right? because i cant find any gcf


the cfg transformed my garrysmod to hl2 ep1 singleplayer game

but i found the fix copy the models , materials ,scripts ,effects , to garrysmod and the moves are fixed

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