Hl2 episode 1 Campaign gamemode

It would be awesome if there was a hl2 ep1 and ep2 campaign for a game mode. I know there is a hl2 campaign game mode and I liked it but that is not good enough for me.


What do you guys think?

No, if you want that so much, go play Synergy or Obsidian Conflict.

I’m pretty sure AMC’s HL2 campaign can play EP1

I am pretty sure too but they mostly only play on hl2 maps.


What if my friends dont want to download synergy? Most of my friends do have garrysmod but they dont like downloading other mods.

If you can’t convince them then it sucks to be you. Dont force your pals into playing shit they are not intrested in. It wont work.

Who said i was going to convince them? I was saying what if they did not want synergy. Also i don’t like synergy myself. I prefer Gmod and they are intrested in the half life campaign and gmod but not synergy.

synergy is made for the campaign so its %100 better

Yeah true. I just do not like the way the servers are set up and theres not too many people playing.