HL2: Episode 1 Ending map?

I’ve already asked this a looong time ago, but anyway…
I’ve always loved the ending on EP1, on the train. And I thought it would be awsome if someone could find or make a map like that?

If you have episode 1 it should already be in Gmod. :raise:

It is, but I don’t see how you could get the animations and stuff…

Plus, I wanted like a map where you could refresh the explosion with a button, or do all this other sort of crap…


I’d like to make a RailWorks route with that part of Episode 1. Unluckily for me it’s apparently illegal to replicate the train models, and maybe the citadel too, for use in RailWorks. :confused:

It’s not like I want every single prop in the damn game :argh:

Well, they didn’t mention it was illegal, they were just afraid it was because of copyright :downs:

It was done in hammer.
Can you not access the model? Use browse menu.