HL2.exe and other odd crashes.


Today after performing a factory default restore on my PC I reinstalled Garry’s Mod and tried to join my community’s server which is on the map c18_v1. After sending client info it went to the desktop and said that HL2.exe had stopped working. I loaded the map in single player which then allowed me to join the server. It was only a one time fix however as it continued after that one time.

When in multi-player I decided to change my brightness settings. This also caused my game to crash which I thought was a bit unusual.

I have reinstalled Garry’s Mod, De-fragmented the game files and also verified them. This still fails to work. Any suggestions?

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My dump log.

im having the same problem, i start the game up and it just stays on the loading screen and when i alt,tab out of it i get the hl2.exe stopped working

Thing is singleplayer loads fine.