hl2.exe awlays carshing

whenever im playing gmod, 15/30 minutes later. hl2.exe crashes and i lose all my work.
this never happened to me before the update. i dont have addons instaled, only phx and wire.

anyone knows how to solve this?

Remove WIRE and see if it works? Remove PHX and see if it works? Remove both and see if it works. Trouble shooting.

still crahes

Close GMod, delete /garrysmod/garrysmod/ directory, restart GMod.

If it still crashes then it’s not GMod causing it.

Try deleting or remaning you garrysmod/garrysmod folder. It will make Steam redownload all the game files for it, insentially reinstalling it. That worked for me.

Are you using a laptop?

Does it crash when you have the spawn menu open?

Hmm, I’ve been having the same issue. However, it only happens online. Runs just peachy on single player with PHX 3 and Wiremod installed. -snip-

Oh, hmm…yes then backup your mods and maps and reinstall GMod.

Post some specs.

Since I’m having the issue too, might as well.

Motherboard: Asus P5N-D (I may be wrong on that)
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo Conroe 2.0GHz (OC’d to 2.66GHz)
GPU: nVidia 9800 GTX+
RAM: 4 GB OCZ, runs about 1Ghz.
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit

Answer this man’s questions. Something good is likely to come of it.

Not using a laptop.
tried deleting ALL of garrymod.
every server crashes.
even single player.
and its vannila gmod.


i dont know, but its powerfull. never went lower then 150 fps while playing gmod so…

That doesn’t mean anything. It’s not just about how powerful a computer is, alot of the time hardware isn’t compatible with software.

Further more, not telling us specs and telling us you get high FPS means absolutely nothing. I got steady 60 FPS in crysis on high. Specs? Oh it was a Pentium4, geforce 7600. How’d I manage that FPS? Playing the game in 480X480 resolution.

Bottom line, if you aren’t going to inform of us of your specs, and tell us it’s good enough because of FPS, then tell us the res you play in.

Right-click on (My) Computer, and select Properties.


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On Topic: Try running the game with lower settings.

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