hl2.exe crash on loading my map. Need help.

I have been working on a map for quite some time now called gm_paradox (http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=911786). Until recently, I have been compiling only the main section using cordon tools. The map is pretty much finished and ready for a beta release, but I cannot for the life of me figure out why it crashes hl2.exe when I load the map in gmod. It compiles fine when I leave it overnight (I run vrad on fast, everything else on normal), and I check the log for errors with interloper’s compile checker tool when it finishes. I’m using textures and models that aren’t supported in the episode 2 editor but are from other source games like CSS, but from what I understand that’s allowed so long as gmod supports them. The map is very well optimized and func_detail is used on anything complex (including the circular main area, which is cut into a diamond out of the circle, with the outer half-circles left over tied to func_details). The map includes a very large water section, several floating islands (which are identical at the moment), a fancy elevator up a glass tube into a teleporter room, and several rooms. The spawn points are areaportaled with no windows. I was hoping you guys could provide me with some possible reasons why hl2.exe might be crashing on loading this map. I really want to get this map beta released so I can start adding community requested features. This is really the only road block stopping me from doing so.


If it takes all night to compile, you need to optimise it better.

It doesn’t take all night. It takes like 45 minutes, probably less. I just leave it on at night because I want to be able to use my computer for other things during the day. But that’s not the point anyway, point is how do I make it NOT crash?

Don’t run anything on fast.

Ep2 can use props and textures that are usable in CS:S, its a newer version of the engine.

Don’t sign your name.

It shouldn’t take 45 minutes.


Maps should take about 3-20 minutes at the most on a normal compile. Final compile can take hours though.

Thank you, but I just want to make it clear that the map is optimized. I’ve been mapping for about a year now, and I know how to optimize.

It shouldn’t take 45 minutes to compile your map. Check out the tutorial and see if it helps.

Doesn’t it usually take forever on maps with a lot of wide open space? I used func_visclusters to shorten the time by a lot, which they did.

Which is taking forever Vvis or Vrad.

Also, post the compile log.

I can’t get the compile log as of now, because my computers in the shop and I’m on my laptop, but Vvis is taking a while and Vrad is taking slightly less. But the map compiled fine, just why does hl2.exe crash?

lol I love how they are all like IT SHOULDN’T TAKE 45 MINS! When you are simply asking why are you crashing, is it real HD ( I don’t know mapping terms so bare with me) like evo2_v2d? That might be it, or try restarting your comp or reinstalling GMOD.

We can’t just generate an answer, we need more information. (hence why I asked for the compile log)


:lol: If you don’t know what you are talking about, its not the best idea to comment.

Compiles shouldn’t take 45 minutes. Especially with something on fast.

On other threads I noticed they were talking about how if the map is HD or something it can cause game crashes…

A map can’t be HD as far as I know of.


High Definition =/= High Dynamic Range.

He might’ve seen it as hd by mistake. Only one letter off, anyway. And to answer his question, no. I’m not compiling with hdr.

How full is your map I had a map with an entdata of 140% and it was crashing on certain computers

There are a couple rather detailed bridges, and the tower is also quite detailed…but for both I made sure to nodraw every interior face. I actually made 1/4 of each then duplicated it 4 times, to be sure that every interior face is nodrawed. Is it possible that the increased number of brushes due to me using this method is crashing? Here’s a screen of the bridge for reference (it’s symmetrical, cut in half with the touching faces nodrawed):



And, just to clarify, here’s the spawn rooms (the triangular buildings with the garage doors and funky blocks on the roof [which conceal the doors when they go up :lol:]). They’re areaportaled.


I would be able to tell you if we had the compile log probably. It could just be from your computer not being able to handle it. Try looking at your console for errors.