hl2.exe crash (thread lacks access to read from/write to virtual address)

Game version:
Garry’s Mod - dev branch (15.22.02)
Protocol version 24
Exe version 14.09.08 (garrysmod)
Exe build: 15:33:53 Jan 16 2015 (5914) (4000)

How to reproduce:
Enable developer console.
Start new game (Sandbox), map gm_flatgrass.
(LUA JIT is disabled.)
Press your key that is bound to showconsole/toggleconsole console command.
Crash occurred without any dialog(s).

Minidump information:


On second run, it didn’t crashed. This engine crash seems to be rare?

Stop using DirectX 8.

Crash actually triggered whenever game was paused (in SP) or by going to main menu while in MP.
Interesting, it doesn’t crash in DX9 mode… Can you explain it a bit (due my curiousity)?


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If anyone knew what it happpens it would’ve been fixed.