HL2.exe crashing on server join

My client is crashing with a “hl2.exe has stopped responding” error.

Frankly I don’t know too much about Garrys Mod, so if you need more information, let me know.

There was an update to source engine games, and it broke gmod. Garry didn’t break it, he’s probably working on a fix right now.

When Sept 24 (i think) rolls around, garrys mod will have a big update, and this shit won’t happen anymore. Until then, wait for an update.

He’s in Egypt, wont be back for a week

Also did you really have to make another thread the first one in this section was about the exact same problem…

That’s just my luck, just bought the game ^^
What I find odd is that there are servers with players in it…
Well yeah I’ll guess we’ll have to wait

Steam can’t update the game if they’re playing it, if anyone has GMod open they’ll be able to play it still.

ok =)