hl2.exe error

when i host multiplayer it just freeze at “loading resources” help pls!!!
i can play single plyer normally

I got the same problem, it started to happen yesterday, before that everything worked fine.
I already tried reinstalling 2 times, or hosting without any mods but it wont work.
Everthing else works alright tough.

help pls!!!

Don’t expect a fix anytime soon, bud, alot of people are having the same problems, and they might not even bother fixing it anyways

Alright, thanks for the reply anyways.

This happened to me yesterday as well. Afterwards i just went back into it and it worked straight away

Sorry I can’t help you

delete all your addons and then try againd

As I said, I reinstalled Gmod 2 times already and tried hosting without any addons.
It didn’t work.

Okay actually since the update just now it passes the resources but the game justs quits at the “initializing game data” point.

i will try with the new update


same it quits at that time

and solution?

Wish I could help, Gmod has been pissing me off alot lately as well, but sometimes gmod will do that when it’s loading but with the option to wait for the program to respond, if I click that and wait it will work.

Hmm where can you find that option?

in windows vista, but in xp it close automaticly

Try just leaving it, as infuriating as non-working software can be it might work.

NEW UPDATE! same crash lol help pls

we can’t do anything until garry fixes it.

why garry why!"!!!

Im in the worst situation imaginable. I have a server which i cant connect to because my gmod just quits at the “sending client info” part. I tried joining another server which worked :S So now i think there’s something wrong with my server. Can’t i just wait for an update? No, because im going to travel. And im leaving in 2 hours :frowning:
And i dont have any chance of remote connecting to my server…(No internet at all)