HL2.exe error

I just wanted to say- Sorry if this has been said, but I guess my error is because some new updates. Everything and anything I tried didn’t work, And im very confused. Half life 2 works, but related things like garrysmod do not work. Is this something I can fix, or wait for a patch of sorts?

Aren’t updates supposed to fix stuff, not break them?

I’m not getting that error. Gmod only crashes on certain maps for me.

What are these certain maps? Please post a screenshot of the full error.

I get memory couldn’t be read error on tf2 maps for example, I’m glad I’m not the only one that gets gmodcrashed upon loading maps … I hope someone or garry himself fixes this bug D:

It doesn’t occur when I play a map, It happens right when I start up the game. It never shows the loading screen, or anything, then just pops up.

Open your steam library, right click on Garry’s mod, select properties, in the properties window, select the local files tab, and select “Verify integrity of game cache.”

What are these certain maps? TF2 maps?

I have tried the validating thing, and everything else. None of those work. This happened quite some time ago, and I was never able to fix it.

Just. Wait. When a steam update comes out, it takes a bit for garry to update his stuff. Just calm down,

I have seen other fixes for other errors, but not this one. I haven’t seen any notice about the error, or if it’s being fixed.