hl2.exe has crashed (First time running Gmod)

I am having an issue even running Gmod. I downloaded it from steam, installed it, and then found that it crashes after opening a picture of a man, with I believe a portal gun. It crashes and tells me that hl2.exe has stopped working. Out of laziness, I decided to let vista search for the error, and it tells me that It is a windows based error, and I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to download the updates. As far as I know, they didn’t include any major updates, only bug fixes and small tweaks. I don’t quite know how steam works, so this may very well be a PIBCAK error on my part, but any help would be appreciated.

My computer is a: Hp Dv6 1030us
OS: Vista Home Premium 64
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T6400 2.0GHz
Graphics (Integrated Card): Intel GMA 4500MHD
Ram: 4GB DDR2

No mods installed.

Ok lets see…
First of all, an integrated card will not do you any good. Even if you could play, you’d get terrible fps.
I’m sorry but, vista? I’m pretty sure that OS was a failure, hence Windows 7.
You didn’t tell us the speed of your CPU.
4GB ram DDR2 is good though.

Aye, Vista is terrible, I just don’t have the funds to upgrade. And my card is terrible, yes, but it ran Crisis: Warhead at a decent framerate at medium settings, so it should at least run Gmod.

And thank you for pointing out the missing Cpu Speed.

I want to get the game running first, then I can worry about how I’m going to get it to run well.

Ok with update…
You’d think that you would be able to run Gmod, but often I see my fps go below 20 on a 9800GT.
1.0GHz is alrightish. Something a bit higher would be nice, but I’m sure you should be able to run Garry’s Mod on that, as people have on 1.7GHz.
Could you give more details about your graphics chip? It may be it doesn’t support directX 9.0.

Edit: Just checked, and it is directX 10 compatable, so perhaps you need to add -dxlevel 9.0 in launch options.
Good thing you have 4GB.
1GB for other systems, 2GB for Gmod and 1GB for graphics.

Ok. So just as a double check, I would add -dxlevel 9.0 to the filename? and using steam, would I add that to the steam file, or the hl2.exe? Or would I need to find the exe for Gmod?

It’s been a LONG time since I had to do that to a program.

Edit: I remembered it’s the shortcut I have to alter, not the exe. Thanks mate, it’s working now. Made for an interesting menu screen though. Lol. Every letter has a block of black around it.