"hl2.exe has stop working" error

Guys I Need Help…
Everytime i kill a NPC or exlpode a barrel
The Game Froze…
then “hl2.exe has stop working”
Then I Knew that the error was client.dll
Anyone Help?

  1. It could be your CPU, maybe it has to make alot of connections when you let a barrel explode.
  2. It’s the GMod update…

How Can I remove the update?
(you see, i DLed Gmod Non-Steam.)

(User was permabanned for this post ("Warezing gmod" - PLing))

So a ILLIGAL copy of GMod?
Then I can’t help.

Take one of those, load and point at your head. You know the rest.

GMod + CS:S is just 25 euro.
DLing a game that costs only this less, is just a fail