Hl2.exe Has Stopped Working/Map loading fail?

Hello all,i’ve been playing Garry’s mod for quite a while,and i didn’t get any errors until the new update.
So here what happends.
GMod loads up perfectly,Can select a map and all,can browse servers,everything works fine…
Until i load a map
It works,but sa soon it finishes to load
“HL2.exe Has Stopped Working”
“Fault module name:client.dll”
Its not a RAM problem,i could play Gmod perfectly before the update.
If possible,help.
Thank you for reading

I’m not entirely sure but I think you’re supposed to get rid of the client.dll file. Don’t do it without any proof though, I’m far from sure if that’s the case, though I’ve experienced similar topics regarding .dll files.

Removed my client.dll
Launched GMod
And this was…
A crash
Well atleast you tried to help,Thanks