"hl2.exe has stopped working" on Map Startup

Every time I load a map, get this error:

hl2.exe has stopped working

It also happens when it loads the menu, but RARELY.

I tried doing -dxlevel 80, doesn’t work.

It’s not my addons, since they were all working fine before. It randomly started giving me this error for no reason.

Please help?

As your problem is related to a crash, we require you to upload an crash-dump. Please follow those steps to upload one:

What is a crashdump?!
A crashdump is a file generated automatically when your game crashes. It includes important information about what was going on when the game/server crashed. Garry invited a website analyzing the dump and displaying important information which experienced users can use to determine what the problem was caused by.

What exactly does it include?
A lot of information. This includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • RAM used
  • Path to Garry’s Mod
  • Console-Log (doesn’t function always, unfortunately)
  • Stack Trace (Doesn’t matter what it is)
  • Loaded .dll’s
  • Non-default convars
    However: Not everything can be seen clear text by “normal” users. Only garry got access to all functions.

How to create a crashdump:
Step 1 - Find the crashdump
Browse to your “steam” folder (Usually found at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam) and open the “dumps” folder. Use the windows “detail” view and sort by date/time to pick the latest crashdump.
Browse to your servers orangebox folder (the folder with the second srcds.exe in it). Open the “dumps” folder. Use the windows “detail” view and sort by date/time to pick the latest crashdump.


Step 2 - Send the crashlog to garrynewman@gmail.com and hope that he got a good day and will answer it.

Please note that you should first try to completely re-install Gmod.

I’ve tried re-installing with no success…

Do I have to email Garry or can someone else help me out here?

This is the crash log:

We can not analyze crashlogs anymore.

So why did you ask for one?

He needs to send it to garry. Garry might (or might not) take a look at it and if it’s a problem related to his setup/a general problem he will fix it in a next version.

See step 2.