Hl2.exe has stopped working

HL2.exe loads just fine - unlike the others.

I load a game. Check.
I dupe my jet, frozen. Check.
I unfreeze it. 50/50/
I fly it around. Can’t even stay in the game 5 mins, let alone in the air.

Crashes on servers, too (the jet). But otherwise, it’s perfect.

AKA it crashes whenever something happens with the physics it doesn’t like. Removed TF2 content, lowered video settings to no avail. Also did the “add Local Service in cmd.exe” deal…

And please, only give me proven solutions. Tired of digging.

I get that same error a lot of times expect its not from unfreezeing a dupe.

That’s not what causes it. I fly around for a little, then all of a sudden boom, crash.

Someone pointed out that it was because HL2 didn’t like rendering a certain type of item, say, explosions/sparks. In that right I suspect it could be an issue with a missing or altered file.

UPDATE: Possibly a bad multiparent (I’ve had those crashes before, but never with this error AND they happen immediately after unfreezing…) Thinking I will have to test it on my main PC, this laptop is horrible. Most likely it just creates an unholy amount of physics calculations, and this thing can’t take it.

Either reinstall your game or don’t dupe it.

This is a result of a cruddy computer (for me). I went on SystemRequirementsLab and tested it for Battlefield 2 (a game that performs similarly to GMod on my other computer), and it passed save for the videocard, which is not upgradeable :frowning:

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