HL2.exe has stopped working

So I press play Gmod/use the hl2.exe shortcut and I get to the “Loading…” then in a second or so I Crash and it says hl2.exe has stopped working.
-Tried -dxlevel 8/80
-tried verifying cache
-tried deleting local files and reinstalling it
-deleteing my addons
-Unsuscribing to all of the addons
It was all working perfectly fine until last night, after I tried adding some addons on Steam Workshop.

You should never use -dxlevel 80, only 95. I currently am having the same issue at the moment, so I wish I could help you more.

Ah alright but still doesn’t work :frowning:

It happened to me as well yesterday so i hope he will send an fix

It seems that uninstalling TF2 will fix it :slight_smile:

I verified and started up TF2 and it seemed to work.

Looks like someone managed to help code_gs instead of vise versa.

Valve broke GMod instead of Garry. This whole situation seems backwards.