hl2.exe has stopped working

Ok. I know this seems ignorant, because i viewed the ancient thread on this, but that was for previous versions of gmod. I’m trying to run GMOD on this laptop.


Memory(RAM): 2.00 GB
Processor: Genuine Intel® CPU 2.16 GHz
32 bit Vista Basic OS
Laptop has gaming graphics card, but doesn’t list the model or specs for it.

I also downloaded CS:S and it works perfectly on HIGH graphics.

Did anyone actually find a Legit fix to this problem?

When does it crash?

Ok. Preparing to launch Garry’s Mod. Loading screen comes up that shows the builder in the field, Then it minimizes. “Hl2.exe has stopped working” on my Desktop PC, it works fine, but I’ve lost patience of using it because I do not have a supported wireless card for gaming at the moment.