Hl2.exe has stopped working


I’ve been playing gmod for over a year now.
I played it on windows vista but sometimes it crashed but it didn’t happen so often.
I bought a new computer with windows 7 and it worked fine.
Untill a few days later when I join a server it freezes 2 min after I spawn.
And if I use CTRL+ALT+DEL or ALT+TAB it crashes and it says “hl2.exe has stopped working”
And I cant play on any game.
This is realy fucked up.
I’ve tried every fix from -dxlevel 70,80,81,… or the local net thing
realy everything.
I have allready contacted garrysmod but they won’t react.
Please can someone help me :frowning:

How did you “contact garrysmod”? Because Garry doesn’t respond to help e-mails anymore.

And even though you said it was working fine before, it’s still a good idea to post your PC specs.

Also, post the addons you’ve installed. And then go into Steam/steamapps/username/garrysmod/ and rename the “garrysmod” folder in that to something like “garrysmodold” then launch the game.

I contacted garrysmod and I got some replies but it were the same replies as always but he was gonna take a look at my pc specs but he didn’t answer anymore

addons: Adv Duplicator, counter-strike, day-of-defeat, default_sent_pack, derma, lua, PHX3, portal, tf2, wire, wiremodel pack1, zeno_clash

yea i have the same problem sometimes, i think it just depends on how good your processor is (mine sux)

I have tried coolcorky’s advice and garrysmod works fine again
thanx dude