hl2.exe keeps crashing

im running windows 7, and garrys mod has worked fine until today, i have removed the most recent addons and removed local game content and then reinstalled, yet, hl2.exe keeps crashing, it hasnt happened before the update today. PLEASE help, ive also tried verifying cache, didnt work either

steam community… http://steamcommunity.com/id/huyu

OMG I HAVE THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM!! Wish I could help but someone please try to tell us what’s going on?

Right click garry’s mod, properties, set launch option, type -dxlevel 81. Hope that helps

go to steam games tab,
find garrys mod,
right click it and go to properties,
then hit set launch options and copy paste this in there
-dxlevel 80 mat_dxlevel 95 -window -h 864 -w 1152
if that doesnt work then i dont know. good luck.

why would you need to set the damn window H and W, im sure they can do that on their own :stuck_out_tongue:

if none of this works, tell the admin to update his server x)

What do you mean by crashing? Like does a window pop up. Or does it just close by itself? But if a window did pop up, and it said “Could not read memory,” then you need to update your video card or get a new one.