HL2 .exe problems

So i started Garry’s Mod. it works fine, played for 6 hours then when i pressed the “exit” button. it turns black. and the Problem shows up. “hl2 .exe” SAME with the maps. change maps make this appear. it never saved its options. and its still stuck on the lower graphics. so when i start garrysmod. i have to go to options and click apply. How can i fix this. (to the point: Exit garrysmod = hl2 .exe… change map = hl2.exe)

Specs please.

I have my dxlevel at 80.

Anyhoo, since I set it to that in my command parameters, it never remembered my window height or width.

If this helps at all, I just used -height and -width. :wink:

We mean system specs. Go to the start menu, right click on my computer and click Properties. Paste all that comes up in that window here.


Pentium® 4 CPU 2.80GHz
2.80 GHz 1.12GB of RAM

Is that good?

P.S. i set my -Dxlvl to 80 too

graphics details?