HL2.exe Server centered crash.

Hey, this has happened a few times before, but was resolved within an hour(no idea how)

The thing is i can join EVERY server other then the one i play on, others can join some have the same problem.
I have tried; deleting latest addons(even though there hasnt been an update recent enough), i have verified gmod, i have deleted the cache and the toybox folder in addons, i have deleted the servers DUA as well.

Please help me!

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if it helps it happens when it sending client info.


There are more than a few exploits that crash people when they see them.

I’m always getting them on my server which sucks. But, alas there is only so much we can do to limit these types of attacks.

thats not the thing, i dont even have time to join before i crash, well not fully, and only a few people wich this happens to, so it cant be anything caused by a certain persons attack.


Yes, it can.

sigh… theres no reason to attack the server, its not very successfull… yet its being edited slowly, so there aren’t many players at all. And how do all theese others who can join not crash? I’ve restarted the server aswell. So i HIGHLY doubt its an attack.