hl2.exe stopped working - stops loading at initialising clientmode

Need help with this.
I bought GMod a few days ago, I went to load it again today and it suddenly stopped loading and came up with the typical error message that most of us have encountered at some point; “hl2.exe has stopped working”.

I tried loading it again to find out what could be and it stops here;


initialising clientmode.

I uninstalled the game and re-installed it and it still keeps coming up with the same error at the same time when its " initialising clientmode".

can anyone help?

EDIT: yes I do realise the icon should be changed to the help icon

it does for everyone, damn tf2 updates. should be back up in a while, just have to wait

thank you, how long will it take?

not sure, but there is another thread discussing this.

thanks, time to rant then!