Hl2.exe Stopped Working

After a update on the Steam Client i started getting “hl2.exe stopped working” while playing for some minutes on the servers, i’ve noticed other people also having same problem.

Maybe there is a topic about this somewere around, but i was wondering if it’s anyway to fix or if there is any other person here that got same problem as me?

It just happends everytime i play, and that was just today… yesterday all worked perfa…

oh well, thanks for watching

/ Kubanen

I got damn same problem i cant play gmod now the whole day nomore fun garry likes to crash gmod ;3

Post here next time.
Don’t sign your posts, I heard you can get banned for it.
Post specs, they help.

This is happening to all the players on our servers as well, doubtful that it’s spec related.

Seems to have started after the latest update, can’t pinpoint what’s triggering it though.