hl2.exe stops responding upon loading a TF2 stock map

I’ve tried validating my files and I have also tried to defrag them. Then I proceeded to unmount all other games apart from TF2. The problem still stands.
The odd thing is, is that I can load custom TF2 maps (e.g Balloon race, VSH, Custom CP/CTF/Arena maps etc.) but not any of the TF2 maps under the TF2 section for the map selection.
I could use some help please.

Did you disable updating Garry’s Mod during the whole Source engine update fiasco? I used to only be able to load ctf maps until the update came through.

I don’t even remember such a fiasco. The point is, I can’t load Any of the maps under the TF2 section and it’s really bumming me out. Could you describe what said fiasco was about and when it was?

A recent Source update broke GMod. Some people claimed that they disabled automatic updating, so their version still worked. It’s been fixed now, and with the latest version, I can use any TF2 map. So… I guess my advice would just be to make sure you have the latest version of GMod. :v:

Well, like I said, I validated the files just 2 days ago from now and I’m up to date with the version

Oh. Well, I’m sorry. This problem’s officially out of my league.

Well thanks for trying and replying anyways mate. I appreciate it.