hl2 family portrait


Use [noparse][/noparse] tags


Okay image. Nothing great.

Up your graphics.

What is this i dont even

Try and be helpful.

Try not to use maps intended for building unless you make a scene [ use props to create an environment or building] in them when you make a pose. Also, type

before and after the url accordingly so they appear in the post. Otherwise I don’t see much wrong with it since it’s not trying to be serious at all.

Well, seeing how garry’s mod was made for sandbox stuff, I guess it’s okay. But I’ll go with Spartan, try not to use building maps.

Turn up AA and use more zoom on it.

i loled. a little

Family portrait?
I think the only people who I know are related, is Alyx and Eli.
Not really family then is it.
Posing is less then average, and the picture itself is nothing to get exited about.

If you’re trying to be funny, it’s not working.

It’s ok, nothing that special, but if that is the Half Life family portrait, where’s Gordon Freeman?