(Hl2) Gamer

What GAMER is:

A small concept I started, I just watched the movie GAMER. And I thought, what would it be like in ep2?

Things I already made:
Your view is over the shoulder of the npc you controll
You can walk with the npc

BUG ,when the npc saw an enemy, it keeps trying to point at the enemy while you try to walk away. IN my movie you’ll see that sometimes is spazzes out :open_mouth:

The npc aims and shoot on its own, when an enemy is spotted. (kinda default hl2)

Early proof of concept:

NO LUA INVOLVED! It’s all made in hammer. So the map should work in all source games.

i liked the movie, if you can do this well, it should be a good gamemdoe.


Though, i think just shooting yourself would be more fun.

As I just added above,
There is no LUA involved, It’s all made in hammer. So the map should work in all source games.

So it kinda limits me :(. I don’t think I will be able to let the npc Aim for you.

And when you stop walking, the npc walks to the places he/she wants. So it could follow enemies while you do nothing at all :open_mouth:

You could make an npc_clip that is parented to the NPC, but when you hit W, S, A, D, or whatever, it disables it, and when you let go, it re-enables it.

Just like in the movie when the kid releases the guy, right? Or is that a bug?

You ruined the movie for me. You son of a bitch. (J/K)

NPC: Non Playable Character / someone in a game the player can’t control.

And to a certain extent you can’t control this one, stop being so pedantic.


I forgot to mention: This looks awesome!

I would definatly play, but why is it so slow?


I’m sure you could make it so the “NPC” holsters his weapon or whatever using outputs and such.

Well, when the npc is walking the direction you want the npc is in the scripted mode. And while a npc is in scripted mode the holster/unholster input doesn’t work. Sadly valve didn’t made enough inputs to controll the npc totally, so I need to think up someting.

But personal, I like it when you stop pressing any movement keys the npc walks on its own and shoots. This way you give the npc some freedom, and be honest, you can’t shoot anybetter than the npc does :O. Wel if it where to be you, you would, but if it where to be you controlling the npc in a hacky way, you won’t do any better :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be possible with LUA but otherwise not so much.

This reminds me of Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefield 2.

A future online mod, perhaps? That’d be awesome.

Why don’t you use this…?

Well guys, I finally did it!
I removed that nasty bug.
Right mouse button, lets the npc you controll ignore other enemies, and also disables the walking on its own.

Left mouse button, lets your npc shoot at enemies and walks on its own.
Like releasing the npc till you want to torture him again.

I can walk to enemies now, and let them kill my npc, without any response from my npc (besides that it looks to the enemie wich shot him)

Now the npc does always what you expect him/her to do.


Because, once you parent a clip, you tie it to an entity, wich removes the ability of npc_clip ( I think )
And second, once something is parented to something wich moves, the moving object wont be blocked by the thing wich you parented.

But I already fixed it, with alot of add outputs.


Well, for now. Fixed the weird bug, made a temp release of your npc pet function (right mouse), a regain controll function (left mouse),

and I changed the npc to a rebel. So you’re not too strong anymore, it is actually hard to win now. You WILL need teammates.

Tomorrow I’ll be going to family,Upcoming week I’ve got progress tests wich all count for my exams (only for a small part)

So the work will be resting for a week.

Things I planned

A spawn chamber/building
It is a place where you can buy upgrades you won with your npc, like when you waked through a special item/box I made to look like an upgrade. The upgrade could be: Raise your npc’s HP to 400. Or giving your npc the strongest weapon, the ar2 (wich your npc will keep till he dies)

“train”, give your npc a little bit more hp for the upcoming game. (Putting the hp above max +something each time)

And when your npc dies, it respawns in the facility as a new npc. Losing your weapon and stuff.
When entering a game, I will always put up a stash with normal pistols for the ones wich didn’t won a weapon yet.[/release]