HL2 Hand Rigs for Blender 2.71?

Hey boys. If there’s an actual thread for this sort of thing, sweet, show me the way, but if there isn’t, I need a bit of a hand.

…No, that’s not a pun. Shut it.

Essentially, I’ve been looking for a .blend hand rig for HL2’s HEV hands in order to see about animating for the game. I’ve found a few rigs, but they’ve all been .max files, and all the coverters for .max files require some version of 3DS Max, which is a program that simply refused to install when I tried to do so.

The tutorials I have found on creating a rig all assumed I knew how to get SMDs out of MDL files, which I don’t because I’m a total nooblet. Honestly, the thing I’d like to do the most is to just download a decent rig and just get cracking asap.

Can anyone be of any help at all whatsoever?

A tutorial was made for making them for L4D2 arms, but the same technique can be used for TF2, HL2, etc.