HL2 Hands

Where I can find hl2 hands from v_models? I want to make my own weapons based off hl2 weapons.

They are not a seperate hands file. You’ll have to decompile one of the v_models to get just the hands.

I know that, but where I can decompile?

there’s a v_hands.mdl in models\weapons. the source files can also be found in the sdk content.

They are used when suit equiped. I need hands with eg. AR2, I need just a base for weapon.

Those hands (v_hands.mdl) are used for the Weapons. I believe Valve takes the V_hands as a reference. And use them on their weapons. But if you want, you can Decompile the Weapons aswell. The weapons have their own hand models.

You can use the source files for c_arms_citizen