Hl2 Helicopter Reupload

There was a hl2 combine helicopter snpc that moved around,shot, and dropped bombs on garrysmod.org around a year ago. I switched computers due to a virus that erased my previous computer’s harddrive.

I downloaded all my old stuff, but I am still unable to find it. I am pretty sure it was deleted from the site.

If so, can anyone reupload or give the files so I can put it back into my collection?

I know you said combine, but this sounds like what you want:http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=56064

Thats a shity hellicopter that fires a bajillion missles with 4000+ damage per missile

I THINK that the combine helicopter included in toasters NPC pack shoots. I’m not sure, but it won’t drop bombs unless you use console commands.

I want a heli that moves around the map. Normal ones suck because they just fly in the same spot unles you move it away with your physgun and wach it fly back.


somone needs to do a remake if nobody can find it.

The reason why the helicopter won’t moves is because:

A:most maps don’t have air nodes to move around
B:most maps don’t have Path tracks for them to move along… even if it did, the normal spawnicon for a a hunter-chopper(i.e in toasters pack) the helicopter hasn’t been told what the name of the path track it’s supposed to go to is, so they’ll stay wehre they spawn unless you use console to move em…

Seem’s weird to me because metro cops follow you why carn’t they just give it the same stufe but with it off of the ground ???

because the heli’s AI uses AIR nodes, not normal ground ones, and most maps lack these nodes… and what your saying would require a COMPLETELY new npc, and it wouldn’t be able to move around great, normal nodes also don’t tell the helicopter how high it can go or how low it can go…

I see your point. But I live on hope that somone will make a random path tool that you click on the map and it makes a rnadom path for the heli to move on.