Hl2 Jail rp

I had this idea about new kind of rp server which would take place in combine prison. You would start as a regular prisoner but you could improve your status in there by gaining trust and by that getting more prevlidges. Ofcourse there should be guards and stuff in it.

I’m making this map which I try to do realistic. There will be lots of breakable walls, airvents, sewers etc. Which would make the jailbreak possible. Ofcourse I don’t want the escape to be easy. The walls which are breakable are still very strong and places hard to reach, not to mention about the guards who are constantly inspecting your cell for tools and escape plans. The idea still would be that you can find out about the tunnels and airvents by looking into it by yourself instead of some rping in the server until some knowledgeable person shows it to you. It’s not all… I was thinking that around the jail should be some sort of city maybe destroyed one, so you could actually escape somewhere and roleplay out of the prison too.

…Anyways, I’d like some of you people to help me with this, if you wan’t to help me map this, if you have ideas or something please tell them.

Mapping threads go in the mapping section mate.

Wrong section and false title.

You may want to remake this under a better title, and PM a moderator to lock this thread.

Hmm… Well it wasn’t exactly only mapping title… It’s also the idea about and rp… I wanted ideas to both of them. So should I post it both sections?

Post mapping related stuff in the mapping section, RP requests are to do with Lua, so put it in the Lua section.

AHa… Alright…