HL2 Meets Aperture (AKA My first well-done screenshot)

delete it please. I apologize for the mistake

well, its pretty boring, just some guy, standing around in the middle of a white room, doing nothing except smiling at the camera. the camera angle is bad, there is so much wasted space.

and, get rid of that watermark. really, no one cares


Cant really give you C&C if you don’t show us the picture.

You get a bit of negative feedback that was given to you so that you’d know what to improve, and you choose to delete the content and run?

Man up.

Well, if you wanna give him C&C:

He left it on their DA http://datdrunkensoldier.deviantart.com/#/d4pggjl

Found this in the description.

Well apparently he’s using MaxofS2D’s method of posing in Gmod.

There’s some clipping and AA issues to be honest.

Overall the picture isn’t very interesting though. Not much going on and the camera angle doesn’t do a lot of justice either.