HL2 Mod making help.

Sorry if this is posted on the wrong section, be free to move it if so.

Anyway, Hello.

I know that this isnt the best place to post about mods but you guys are a creative bunch so here goes.

Well I have started to make my Mod maps, and they are coming on nicely.

I have just been looking over my mod and my folders look very bare there is hardly any files, I used C++ compiler to make the mod work as I seen in a video but I now have no idea what to do.

My mod has no HUD, no New Game or anything. There is even no ClientScheme.res, surely I have done something wrong. I don’t mind at all if I have to start again but I just want to make a simple Single Player mod with the necessary components, but I am struggling.
How can I make it so I have all these things?
Could someone please help me out…

The only thing that ‘seems’ to be functioning is the Options menu as it has the difficulty on but that’s about it.



Last I knew, Create a Mod doesn’t give you everything. Lots of things like the main menu and player animations were missing. Use GCFScape to extract missing files from HL2 into your game files.

I thought you got all the HL2 content if you added the HL2 appid in the gameinfo.txt of the mod?

That worked for me with Ep2 stuff

Try mounting HL2 in your mod, I don’t know how but that’s probably what you’re looking for.

Anybody else know anything I could do? Cant find anything so far. Thanks for the responses so far

Go to your mod’s folder in Steam/steamapps/sourcemods, then find the gameinfo.txt file.

Once you’ve done that, go here:

And follow the instructions there. Once you’ve added HL2’s AppID and binaries path, when you load your mod it will load HL2.