hl2 model animation start up

Hey all, well I want to start modeling again. I was creating a map yesterday wich gave me
a cool idea for a concept. But the brush limit really is beeing nasty by beeing to small.

Well my question, if I wanted to create a model with animation. Do I need bones?? Cause I
tried that a year ago and it really went messy.

Thx in advance.

I mean, when I want a animation of a couple of boxes wich fly around, would I still need bones??

As far as I know you always need bones to animate.

Yes, you would.

Yea, they all need bones.

so I would just have two flying bones??

I would like to create a box flying around another box,
so basicly two independent flying bones??


And I don’t see any bones use din this tut

That’s not a tutorial for making animations that are to be used in the source engine.

Could someone point me to a tut for 3ds max top animate for the source engine?
All I can find is for blender…


And omg, fewes, ur avatar almost hypnotized meh :P. The temperature is 32 degrees over here.