HL2 model replacement request

I was wondering if it was possible to replace the hl2 Barney with a HLS Barney?

Link to the mdl :http://gamebanana.com/hls/skins/100103

Any help is appreciated,


It is, if the HLS model has the exact same modelname as HL2 Barney

Thanks, that works but of course he can’t use the weapons or lip sync properly due to different animations.

Plus, different skeleton. If the weapon model has an attachment bone which another model doesn’t have, that model won’t get the weapon put into the hands.

I was going to warn you about lipsynching and the latter, but figured you’d find out anyway

Is their a tutorial or similar that I could use to port him properly? I’ve used 3DSMAX to port models into San Andreas before, So I have some knowledge of modelling already.

I’m working on something like this, only with the PS2 HD models.

Looks great, That’s exactly what I was hoping for.

Do you want that specific Barney model? Because honestly, that skin is awful.
I use this one.


I don’t mind which model to be honest, The HD version you posted looks much better.