HL2 not loading when GMod starts

The title, pics are gonna be put up in a few minutes.
WHAT I MEAN NY THE TITLE:: The weapons bar is empty, besides the Phys gun and the tool gun.
It does not have a problem starting, i can spawn NCPS, ragdolls and everything fine, no weapons though.


THE PICS dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn



Eherm… uhh you CAN use HL2 weapons in gmod without HL2, (I know because I don’t have HL2 myself…) Clean your gmod.

SO… Go to C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\Usernamehere\
And see the folder named “garrysmod”?, rename it to “gmod old”
If it says “File is being used by another person or program”…Get outta gmod. If it says it again get out of steam and it should work. Go into gmod and it will create fresh new folders (this removes addons…)

Yeah, ok. I’ll do that…
I wonder why i dont have weapons?

It worked, thanks alot, mods can delete this.
Auto merge is broken

I wouldn’t see the mods as deleting topics in this section, as this could be a useful resource for anyone else who has this problem (assuming they search).

Also, after a while (2-3 hours I guess), posts will automatically stop merging. This allows for bumping.

lol this happent to me once but i just took out all my addons put them in a folder and restarted steam it worked fine