HL2 Realistic Weapons

[release] >This is not the newest version of the HL2 Realistic Weapons!

Version 3 - Work in progress thread:
Version 2 - Official Release thread:
Version 2 - DOWNLOAD

Oh hay, an actualy good HL2 Weapons pack!

Half-Life 2 Realistic Weapons



9mm USP
.357 Magnum
Pulse Rifle
Spas 12
Administration Weapon :smiley:


^^^^BTW thats the admin gun^^^^


  • All the weapons have accurate sights (Not the grenade)
  • The pistol,alyxgun, smg, shotgun, and annabelle have reloading sounds
  • Shotgun and Annabelle have full pump action animations
  • The Alyxgun wasn’t made by me, I just felt it was high quality.
  • The Admin gun has 3 fire modes; Strider, Buckshot, and Grenade.

Thanks to Optimal Squirrel for testing the SWEPS

Got Comments? Questions? Bugs?
I wanna hear about them, so post.

Looks nice, I’ll try it later


Maybe you can make half life 1 crowbar? I loved that you can swing VERY fast =D

Very nice, wasn’t there already a hl2 realistic weapons a while ago?

im gonna try this out, what i hope for the most is getting iron sights on the hl2 weapons, i hate using the crosshair

It had 3 guns (of shit quality) and 1 grenade swep (that was stolen)

So yes there was.

Annabelle doesn’t work for me

i like it, but whats up with the shotgun, with the iron sight its tilted and the model is too close up and you can see though the end, but overall nice job

Well unfortunatly, I forgot to change 3 things before I uploaded the pack.

  1. Setting the FOV’s
  2. Recreating the SMG cone. (It was 0.01 for the ironsight testing)
  3. Putting the New Annabelle & Spas 12 ironsights in.

Im going to realease V2 In a week or two

That will all be fixed by then

A few pictures would be nice. the ones from the .org page will do.

Just tried it, and it seems you could work on the annabelle model. I see a big error.
Also, make a realistic crowbar XD

I might as well jump on the melee re-modeling* band wagon

Ill make a realistic crowbar, and maybe stun stick :stuck_out_tongue: !


In Version 2 of the HL2 Realistic weapons pack,

You can expect the following;

Fixs for the Ironsights of the Annabelle and Spas 12.


Realistic FOV’s for EVERYTHING.

A WORKING Rocket Launcher

Re-done SMG1

The leak SMG2 will be joining

You DO know there’s already something like this? right?
It’s Called Twitch Weaponry, although it doesn’t have muzzle flashes like you do, it allows ironsights on HL2 weapons.

Yeah thats fantastic, so is twitch,

But really; How is that relavant to me?

There are already a shit load of DOD, and CSS packs, that dosent mean they all need to be abandonded\deleted because there is one already


Can You Possibly Add Some Custom Quality To The Annablle Because Its Weapon Quality Is So Crappy No Offense But Overal Good Job

Hey Dude Stop Typing Like This. Why did you bump this there’s an updated version here look next time http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=825074