HL2 Rebel Animations T-Posing

This is pretty strange, as Ive never encountered this bug ever in Gmod.

The Animations for any NPC In the Humans+Resistance section always T-Pose when in combat, and I dont know why. Anyone ever encountered this bug before?


More people have it , join the club

You guys are confusing two unrelated topics. The issue that you linked regards ragdolls spawning as t-posed PROPS, which is not what calebc789 is referring too. What he is referring to is the missing animations for the NPCs, not the ragdolls. Make sure you don’t have any addons that are conflicting with npc animations (I saw a workshop in the addon that had a more “realistic running” animation). Try disbling your workshop addons and verifying your game files, then try it again with NO addons installed.

I tried, but it didnt work at all.
Is there a fix to this? at all?

You tried it on a completely vanilla installation of gmod? Are you trying to give them weird weapons?

I just gave them straight-up Vanilla weapons.

Yeah getting it to im gonna try reinstalling gmod :L