HL2 Rebel vest phong screwup

I got the HL2 gear pack, but the phong on the normal rebel vest is seriously screwy. When viewing it from the front, the entire bottom right area looks as if it was dipped in vanilla frosting.

Could anyone make a phong file that looks better?

simply. delete the phong. i try to phong citizens but they look just… terrible, maybe is for that reazon that valve dont make phong for they… but bump maps help.

I can’t find the phong file, as I don’t know what it’s called.

Go in the .VMT files for the model (in a text editor like notepad or something, I use VTFEdit) and where it says “$phong” put two slashes infront of it like so “//$phong” this will disable the phong from being applied to the model.

Ah. I’ll try, but knowing me I’ll fuck SOMETHING up.